Support Us

There are a wide variety of ways in which you can help support the Foundation’s work.  Itemized here are but a few to consider.  Before taking any action to offer financial assistance we strongly urge you to consult your attorney and/or your financial advisor.  We wish to emphasize that funds being solicited for the Foundation are solely for the restoration and maintenance of Tripoli Temple Mosque and will not be used for any other charitable or non charitable purposes of the Shrine.

Gifts of Cash

The simplest method of supporting the Foundation is through contributions of cash with such gifts being fully tax-deductable. Make checks payable to “Scimitar Foundation, Inc.” and mail to the address below.

Gifts of Stock

If you have stocks that have appreciated but paying little or no dividends, you can get increased income from your investment, get a charitable contribution deduction and avoid the capital gains tax you would have to pay if you sold the stock.  This may be accomplished by making an irrevocable gift of the stock to a charitable remainder trust.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can make a gift of life Insurance to Scimitar Foundation in several ways.  Most straightforward, you can take out a new policy name in the foundation as the beneficiary and owner of the policy.  You may deduct the full amount of the

premium for each year as a charitable contribution.  If you have a policy already in force, you can donate it to the foundation, naming the foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary.  You can deduct the cash surrender value of the policy, and as with the new policy future premiums are deductible each year.  If you make a gift of a policy that is fully paid up, you may deduct the policy’s replacement value.

Bequests By Will Or Codicil

You may make a tax free bequest to the foundation in your will, either as a stated dollar amount, as a percentage of your estate, or by giving a specific asset.

Gifts of Income

You may have assets that you wish to keep in the family or pass on to loved ones in younger generations.  If you transfer such assets to a charitable lead trust, Scimitar Foundation will receive the income from your property for the term you specify.  At the end of the term, the property will pass to the people you designate without having to go through probate.  The amount of the charitable contribution deduction is the present value of the Foundation’s income interest in the trust.

Here’s Our Way of Saying Thanks to You!

Everyone offering at least $100 to the foundation will receive a handsome pin designating you as a benefactor.  As noted in a photo of a low, the level of a particular contribution determines which pain will be earned.  We know that you will be proud to wear any one of them!  Donors giving $10,000 will be given a diamond-studded pin and a laser-engraved plaque for display.